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10 December 2008 @ 11:24 pm
9 to 5 (or maybe 8:30 to 8:30)  
I think few things in life give me the sheer glee that I get from listening to the Savage Love podcast at work. The project I'm on now is a weeeeeee bit anal: we don't have internet at our workstations, they don't like us to talk, or read magazines, or do Sudoku, or eat, or do anything but work. The associates are constantly on the prowl, making sure that we are not bilking the client out of precious pennies by taking two minutes to rest our eyes, or clear our brains, or anything nutty of the sort. However, we are allowed our iPods (thank God). And there really isn't anything like giving a benign smile or vaguely blank look to the over-anxious, power-hungry associate who happens to be giving you the evil eye at that very moment and perhaps imagines that you are calmly, obediently listening to your iPod-- maybe to some Bach or Mozart to help you concentrate and be even more productive. Only in fact what you're listening to is a confused woman calling, sounding horrified, to ask Dan to describe "pee-hole fucking" and whether or not people actually do it, and if they do, do they LIKE it??

Shit, it is like the highlight of my day. :)
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