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12 December 2008 @ 01:23 am
Inauguration Nation (Part I)  
I say "Part I" because I'm sure this will become variations on a theme. D.C. is already in full crazed Inauguration Day-planning mode, parts of the city are already blocked/closed for construction and security scoping and the like. L is coming down for the weekend, and I am about 25% already irritated by what is sure to be the single craziest day I have ever personally experienced in Washington and 75% really, really excited.

Anyway, I just read on the Washington Post blog that they're not going to let people camp out for spots on the Mall the night before. Okay, I get that getting down there is going to be a complete fucking nightmare, but really? People wanted to camp out? Okay, let's just acknowledge that it will, in fact, be January. When it is typically freezing fucking cold, oh yes, even this far south. I mean, no, it's not Canada, but it gets realllllllly cold here in January. And you people want to sleep outside? Oooooooooookay.