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16 December 2008 @ 12:44 am
Ramblings, December '08 Edition  

  • Am contracting again at the same firm I've been at since spring. I know I say this everytime, but I really can't stand this much longer. It's so demeaning. This one is in a basement and has no internet and I just get so amazingly bored and down on myself.

  • Also, the people can be a little crazy. There's the Inappropriate Nigerian, who thinks that holding my hands and tackling me when I walk into the kitchen is totally okay. And then there's the Next Door Neighbour who last week whined (no joke) that I touched my food-- by reaching into a container of almonds-- before she got to ask for any. Um.

  • Had an interview for a Real Job last week! I'm not entirely sure that it's the kind of thing I really want to do, and I'm also not sure that if I got the offer I'm in any position to turn it down.

  • I can't go into details, but any good thoughts for little G would be thoroughly appreciated. Maybe more later. Her mom called me at work today with some medical updates and I've been thoroughly shaken ever since.

  • Ohmigod, why am I so incapable of cleaning my apartment?

  • I got new running shoes yesterday! Now that I actually run at the gym, I thought it might be time. Anyway, they are the best things I have ever put on my feet. I am in love with these shoes. I actually went to a running store to get fitted, and they are like wearing marshmallows.

  • Yesterday I was at Macy's shopping for tights, and there weren't very many colours, and someone behind me said, "I think the tights selection was really negatively affected by the writer's strike!." No, really. Yes, she was serious.


Okay, I try not to write about tennis very much, because I sense that no one who actually reads this is interested in it, but I was going through my screensaver pictures the other day and felt the need to document this. So, this year Dinara Safina (aka Marat's Little Sister) got herself a new coach and some results! But that's not all. Okay, I am not one to start rumours because he is married, and so. However. This is Dinara BEFORE Zeljko Krajan (both February of this year):

(on the left)

(third from the left)

Okay, you guys, and I am not even kidding. This is Dinara AFTER Zeljko Krajan (both early November):

Uh... you be the judge! It requires no specific tennis knowledge.

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