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31 December 2008 @ 08:25 pm
NYE 2008  
I've never been into going out on NYE. Of course, this makes it sound like I receive and turn down invitations, which is almost never true. I'm not sure what any of my friends (except the ones with kids) are doing tonight. But that's okay. My big seasonal party has always been Christmas Eve-- I love that party, I love those people, and for slightly anti-social me it's a little much to turn around a week later and go out in a huge crowd of people to celebrate... what? The clock hitting midnight? I've been out on NYE precisely twice in my entire life-- at the Rs' when I was 16, which was my first taste of champagne (SR and I decided it sucked, poured it down the kitchen sink, and helped ourselves to Pepsi... ah, the innocence of youth) and The Millenium, which was enough drunken debauchery to last me a friggin' lifetime (JP, now the mother of my goddaughter, and I helped ourselves to most of Richmond's vodka supply at a bar with very sketchy guys from East London, rock it).

So tonight I'm perfectly happy to help myself to the contents of a bottle of my favourite white and a piece of red velvet cake and chill out on the couch with the remnants of a Say Yes to the Dress marathon and the two movies I have sitting around from Netflix. And tomorrow I will be perfectly happy to chill out by myself, make some pancakes, maybe go for a run, and (hopefully) clean my apartment, because L is coming in two weeks and it's totally a mess in here.

Here's to an awesome, happier, and more productive 2009 (at least on my part), and I hope everyone's having a good time doing whatever floats your boat tonight.
Current Mood: goodgood